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Telling the Bees

Little Brownies, your mistress is dead.

“What a wonderful novel! The voice is so masterfully done, the mysteries of life and death so compellingly evoked. But best of all is the way Telling the Bees reminds us that even the quietest life will still hold its full measure of drama and passion.”

“Telling the Bees is a marvel. With infinite compassion and perfect pitch, Peggy Hesketh has written an American classic: the inadvertent examination of a life unlived, told by the 80-year-old beekeeper who didn't live it. It's a wonderful read for anyone who loves a great and unforgettable story told well.”

“In Peggy Hesketh's poignant debut novel, Telling the Bees, the lasting effects of long held secrets is at the core of beekeeper Albert Honig's otherwise quiet world. In the twilight of his life, Honig is haunted by the past memories of his long-time neighbors. Rich in detail, Hesketh has crafted a thoughtful, compelling story of loss and regret and the unforeseeable consequences that come when the truth is finally revealed. A wonderful read.”

With echoes of The Remains of the Day, Telling the Bees is a novel about lies of omission and commission; and about the power of truth to both maim and heal. At the heart of the story lies murder; but the heart of the mystery is not so much who did it, as why. Find out more.

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